Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Camouflage nails

Today , i was not in a very good mood but my sister wanted to paint my nails, and ofcourse i said yes .
I was thinking about the desing and suddently i remembered to camouflage print, i searched something on google and i found something that i like, camouflage nails!
Here you can see how everything was going =)
1.All you need are five nail polishes (you can use different colours than mine, i use these because i had them at home):black,brown,cream,green and basic top nail polish.

2.Start with the green one, make different lines, bold and thin.(Sorry if you see a little bit purple nail polish, it's from my last nail desing and i didn't clear him at all but it won't be seen at the end)
3.Use the cream one, same as the green .
4.Now it's time for the brown one .
5.Finally, put black nail polish .
6.If you have empty places as my situacion, ushe a toothpick to full them .
7.At the end, put the basic top nail polish, to have a little sparkle at your nails .
Here is the final result, my both hands.Hope you will like them !

xx Marija

Monday, January 14, 2013

Old New Year

Happy Old New Year!
Yesterday, we celebrated Old New Year.I took some pictures before i leave and they were very good!
I like all of them and i think this was the best photosession for this blog!
I wore dark purple 3/4 sleeve top, dark blue trousers, dark blue belt and my old Converse sneakers.
From jewerlly i wore purple ring and blue earrings.
Here are the pictures,hope you like them ;) !
xx Marija


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Purple outfit

First, sorry about not being very active these past 3-4 days because i didn't go out a lot and i didn't have an opportunity to take pictures.Yesterday , i went out with my sister and we did a little shopping. I bought Bershka jeans, which you will see in any of my next posts.We also bought small bag and burgundy leather jacket , these items we wear together , so they are not mine or hers and they are from Bershka too.
I wore dark jeans , brown leather boots ( they are fake , i bought them from local store) , pink belt , purple top , white and pink scarf , sparkle ring and cream coat. Here are some pictures , with coat and without . I think you will like it :))
xx Marija


Monday, January 7, 2013

Black and blue

Today i decided to wear a simple outfit , with not too many colours in it.So i wore simple black coat , simple black top , black and grey scarf , black belt , blue jeans , black boots and sparkle ring. First i took pictures in my home , but later i took pictures outside too so there were a lot of pictures and i choose the ones i think were the best . Enjoy!  :)
 xx Marija


Saturday, January 5, 2013

My first outfit :)))

Birthday !
Today i was at a friend's birthday .It was a small celebration at pizza's centre so i decided to wear casual clothes , purple cardigan , light blue shirt which is old maybe 20 years and it's from my mother , simple black jeans , black boots and black belt. From jewerl—É i wore purple ring and owl necklace . I hope you like it ! :)
xx Marija 

Cardigan: Bershka

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Camouflage print :))

My latest opsessions , camouflage print !

I really like this print , i still don't have a piece of that but i like to buy something in near future :)))))
xx Marija

Get me know a little more :))

Hello, I'm Marija , 13 (almost 14) years old girl from Skopje :) This is my fashion blog .
I'm going to write about fashion trends, things i love and im not sure but maybe i will post my outfits:)
As a first post, i just wanted to introduce and my next posts will be about fashion :))
That's all for now, have a good time
xx Marija